The Phoenix is a weekly comic for children. Most of our readers are aged between 6 and 12 but we have many older and younger readers too.

In each issue we publish a range of stories. Over time these stories are published as full graphic novels in our Phoenix Presents series.  This means we can tell more in depth and high quality stories than you might expect to find in a children’s comic.

Alongside this we always publish funny comics (as we know kids love to laugh) and as much non-fiction as we can. Our most famous non-fiction series is called Corpse Talk, in which famous people from history are dug up and interviewed about their life and achievements.

The Phoenix really is very different to any other comic. Think of us as a TV studio transmitting all kinds of wonderful stories over the course of the year. Some funny, some thrilling, some magical, some moving – and all entertaining and memorable, and much more involving!

You can find out a bit more about what it’s like to be a Phoenix subscriber here

The Phoenix is published by David Fickling Comics Ltd. DFC is a sister company to David Fickling Books Ltd, an award winning and internationally respected children’s publisher.

Both DFC and DFB are small family owned businesses that are focused on publishing high quality stories that encourage children to read.

Helping children develop a love of reading underpins everything we do.

From the following places:

  1. You can subscribe to The Phoenix online at https://www.thephoenixcomic.co.uk/
  2. A number of Independent Bookshops are currently stocking The Phoenix as well as participating Waitrose and WH Smiths stores. An up-to-date list of stores can be found at https://www.thephoenixcomic.co.uk/stockists/

If you have any suggestions, or know a book shop near you that would like to stock The Phoenix, please get in touch with us at andrew@thephoenixcomic.co.uk.

Please visit our shop to fill in any gaps in your collection, though some of our early titles have all sold out.

If you’d like to contribute to The Phoenix, we’d love to hear from you. Please visit our submissions page.

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You can cancel your subscription at anytime by visiting wwwphoenixstaging.cdsglobal.co.uk/Solo and clicking Contact Us.